Ointment base for the production of balms and ointments HERB EXTRACT

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Ointment base for making homemade ointments.

Product Code: 9501330
Brand: Herb extrakt
Volume: 380 ml
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Price (VAT incl.) € 4,76
Ointment base for making homemade ointments. It is intended for home incorporation of herb extracts and for the production of homemade balms and ointments. Ideal carrier of fat-soluble medicinal substances with a long shelf life. Vaseline has similar properties to lard and is used to make ointments which, unlike lard, do not need to be refrigerated and are free from the characteristic animal aroma. Pure vaseline is a universal ointment that is also suitable for stand-alone use to lubricate, soften and protect the skin. Free from perfumes and preservatives.

Properties: melting temperature approx. 50°C, hydrophobic (immiscible with water)

Ingredients: Petrolatum

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