Juniper and Pine bath salt

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Juniper and Pine bath salt is designed to soften and regenerate the skin.

Product Code: 96076
Brand: Herb extrakt
Volume: 1000 g
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The unique composition of bath salt with juniper and pine oil gently cleanses, softens and regenerates the skin. The antibacterial effects of the essential oil help with skin problems such as eczema and fungus. The aromatic relaxing bath with essential oils helps to wash away fatigue and stress after a busy day. The skin is gently scented after the bath.

Use: To create a relaxing bath, add one handful to a tub of warm water. The recommended bath time is about 20 minutes.

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Pinus Mugo Oil, Abies Sibirica Oil, Parfum, Peg-60 Hydrogenated Cator oil, C.I. 13015, C.I. 15510, C.I. 45350

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