Hand cream with hyaluronic acid VIVAPHARM

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Regenerating and rejuvenating hand cream with vitamin E and glycerin intensively moisturizes, softens and deeply nourishes cracked hands. Reduces premature ageing.

Product Code: 950309
Brand: VivaPharm
Series: Kyselina hyaluronová
Volume: 100 ml
Availability: In stock
Price (VAT incl.) € 3,56

Intensive regenerating hand cream with hyaluronic acid deeply nourishes dry and cracked skin and reduces premature aging of the hands. Glycerin forms a soft film on the skin and protects it from adverse weather conditions. Softening oils smooth and fragrance the skin, while vitamin E strengthens the nails. Easily absorbed, it does not leave a greasy feeling.

Active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin E

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