Gift packaging of BIO cosmetics

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Gift packaging of organic cosmetics for skin, body and mental well-being in a wooden decorative box. A gift that will please every lover of natural cosmetics.

Product Code: BIO2002
Brand: Vivaco
Volume: 4 ks
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Price (VAT incl.) € 30,36

Organic natural cosmetics are unique as they contain only purely natural ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types, allergy sufferers and atopics.

The gift packaging contains:
Decorative wooden box 20 x 20 x H 8 cm

BIO cocoa butter 200 ml
Natural soap with activated charcoal 100 g
100 % coconut oil 150 ml
Massage sponge 1 piece

Cocoa butter, created by pressing roasted cocoa beans, perfectly cares for the skin and has a light consistency. It softens, moisturizes and regenerates the skin, prevents UV rays, accelerates the tanning process and improves skin colour. It is recommended for the treatment of eczema, sunburn, bruises, dry skin and to suppress itching in psoriasis. It is perfectly suited for the care of dry and cracked lips, palms and feet. Suitable for a massage and recommended against stretch marks during pregnancy.

Natural soap with activated CHARCOAL 2% is ideal for deep cleansing of acne-prone and problematic skin and complexion. Black charcoal acts like a magnet and draws out impurities and toxins from the skin. With regular use, it visibly reduces blackheads, acne and tightens enlarged pores. The soap is mainly designed for the face, but if you have acne problems and on your back or décolletage, we recommend soaping these areas as well.

Organic coconut oil is a purely natural product with a high regenerative and epithelizing effect. It lubricates and nourishes dry skin very well, increasing its vitality and elasticity. It soothes sensitive and allergic skin, has anti-inflammatory effects, is suitable for acne and eczema. It lubricates, regenerates and nourishes dry skin. Increases its vitality and elasticity.

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