Gift packaging full of rose water cosmetics

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Luxurious packaging of moisturizing care with rose water in a decorative paper conical box. Give a gift of beauty and youth to your closest ones.

Product Code: ROS2303
Brand: VivaPharm
Series: Růžová voda
Volume: 9 ks
Availability: In stock
Price (VAT incl.) € 31,96

The rose water care gift package ensures long-term hydration and nourishes the skin of your entire body. Cosmetic with a high content of Damascus rose hydrolate, natural emollient oils and vitamin E is highly suitable for refreshing and hydration of the skin. Absorbs very well into the skin, leaving no greasy feeling. Has a pleasant soft scent.

The gift packaging includes:

Facial cleansing water with rose water VIVAPHARM 200ml
Cleansing lotion with rose water VIVAPHARM 200ml
Body milk with rose water VIVAPHARM 200ml
Moisturizing face cream with rose water VIVAPHARM 50ml
Softening cream with rose water VIVAPHARM 200ml
Himalayan bath salt VIVAPHARM 80g

Also includes:
Silk eye mask
Tea candle
Massage bath ball
Decorative paper conical box 11,5cm x 21,5cm x 12cm

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