Gift box of herbal liniments HERB EXTRACT

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Gift box of herbal liniments Lavender, Devil's Claw and Cannacare. Traditional herbal liniments care for your skin, hands, tired feet, help with joint pain and massages.

Product Code: HEP1205
Brand: Herb extrakt
Volume: 3 ks
Availability: In stock
Price (VAT incl.) € 8,76

Traditional herbal liniments are among the most popular preparations. Because of their properties, they are irreplaceable in many problems. They take care of your skin, hands, tired feet and help with joint pain. Ideal for dry and cracked skin. You can also use them as a face cream.

The gift box contains:

Herbal liniment Harpago 125 ml
Herbal liniment Lavender 125 ml
Herbal liniment CannaCare 125 ml

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