Natural cosmetics without parabens, not tested on animals

What is paraben?

The parabens are esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid and are petroleum origin. They are chemical substances which are mostly used as preservatives in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or food.

We don´t use them in our cosmetics for their negative effects.

What negative effects of parabens may have on my health?

According to scientists, parabens can affect certain hormonal processes (for example causing early onset of puberty) or cause disease associated with hormone levels. They are also suspected of carcinogenicity (ability to cause cancer).

Current scientific researches has not yet adequately substantiate their negative effects on human health, however yet since 2009 we don´t use parabens in our cosmetics.

We do not test on animals

In the manufacture of cosmetics we adhere to humane standards. Our products (or their individual components) are not tested on animals.  

Our cosmetics is in harmony with nature

All products of Vivaco are based on traditional recipes of natural cosmetics. They are also rich in active substances and active natural extracts. Therefore they are consistent with a healthy lifestyle.