Cosmetics with almond oil

Date: 16.04.2021
Cosmetics with a high content of natural almond oil and vitamin E – traditional cosmetics  which already loved our grandmothers


Date: 30.09.2021
1/ we use clean energy from solar panels for our production
2/ we use recycled paper
3/ we sort the waste

and here are the results:
The contribution of Vivaco s.r.o.  to the overall reduction of greenhouse gases is 141 tonnes of CO2, saving 3,343 GJ of energy. This corresponds to the CO2 emissions produced by 66 mid-range passenger cars over one year of their operation. The energy we save represents 6 days of electricity consumption for public lighting in the capital city of Prague.

Cosmetics with argan oil

Date: 01.10.2021
Argan oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits of Argania spinosa, which is found exclusively in southwestern of Morocco. All attempts to grow argania in other areas were unsuccessful.

Presenting new liquid soaps and foams

Date: 10.05.2022
Try new luxury bath products made with the finest natural ingredients for the ultimate silky skin and perfect pampering.
- juicy fruits for refreshment and vitality
- macadamia oil for dry skin
- miraculous goji for new energy every day
There is something for everyone :-)

Cosmetics with horse chestnut

Date: 16.08.2021
Probably all children sometimes made animals from the fruit of the chestnut. Chestnut is also an important part of the traditional production of ointments and gels.

Cosmetics with snake venom

Date: 14.09.2021
Snake venom acquired an indispensable position in the pharmaceutical industry mainly due to its high content of specific enzymes, peptides and amino acids.

Cosmetics with goat´s milk

Date: 14.06.2021
Already the ancient peoples knew the beneficial effects of goat milk for skin and health. Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates used the goat milk as a cure for many diseases. Even the claim that Zeus was the most powerful of all gods thanks to regular consumption of goat milk.
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