Sun Tannig milk with Argan milk SPF 20

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Tannig milk for quick browning with bio argan oil.

Product Code: 157902
Brand: Sun Vital
Series: Arganový olej
Volume: 200 ml
Availability: In stock
Price (VAT incl.) € 3,99

Sunscreen with complex UVB+UVA factor provides protection from burning and premature aging of the skin due to sunlight. Precious argan oil protects the skin from drying out and accelerates its browning.

Argan oil, due to its compotisition, is called an elixir pf youth.

Rich in vitamin E. It hydrates, protects and promotes browning of the skin. Prevents skin aging and pigmentation spots.

Application: Apply the milk to the skin exposed to sunlight. Apply before sunbathing begins. To maintain protection, repeat the application, especially during sweating, bathing or toweling.

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