About Vivaco

Our company operates on the Czech market since 2001. Therefore we have long experience in producing high quality skin, hair, body and bath cosmetics.

We believe that live in harmony with nature is natural need of every person.

Therefore we try to create original products based on traditional, generations of proven practices that are enriched of the latest finding of modern science.

All our products are manufactured in the Czech republic..

We are holders of trademarks Czech product, which can be obtained only certified company that manufactures its products in the Czech Republic and also cooperate with other Czech suppliers, is owned by citizens of the Czech Republic and here also taxes its earnings. This award confers non-profit foundation to encourage the Czech manufacturers in the fight against foreign competition and increase consumer demand for domestic products.

Now, you can purchase our natural cosmetics in our e-shop, at the company store in Olomouc or in the stores of our partners and in the pharmacies.

Natural cosmetics

We strive to offer only the best of what nature has to offer.

In our cosmetics we use the beneficial effectsof argan oil, extracts from goat´s milk, snake venom, hemp oil, Aloe Vera, almond oil, etc. Each of these substances is unique and has unique effect on human health.

We have taken over the traditional recipe of almond cream, which already loved our grandmothers. Favourite are even massage gels Pferde balsam with horse chestnut, which relieves symptoms of rheumatism and varicose veins and pain in joints and muscles.
As first, we came to the Czech market with the technology of synthetic snake venom that has similar effects as botox, but unlike him, can smooth out wrinkles without disruption of facial muscles and facial expressions.

We minimize the negative impacts of business on society and nature..

We take cold pressed organic argan oil directly from women manufactory called Kooperative Femalle in Essaouira. So we encourage women in poor regions of Morocco in the spirit of fair trade.

We strive to ensure that the packaging of our products are as environmentally friendly as possible, so we use recyclable materials.

In accordance with a healthy lifestyle and environmental responsibility are focused on high-quality natural cosmetics. We minimize the proportion of undesirable chemicals such as parabens, artificial colors and excess fragrances.

We respect the natural strength and energy of nature and we try to pass it to you in every our product.

The basic values

The basic values on which our company s built, are respect to people and nature.

Other reasons why you can trust us


We are a Czech company, all our products are manufactured in the Czech republic.


Our products contain a high percentage of natural ingredients and oils.


In line with the philosophy of sustainable development our products do not contain parabens and artificial dyes and contain only minimum preservatives.


Our products and their components have never been tested on animals.


With the purchase of each product you get guarantee for a full refund in the event of your dissatisfaction with its quality.


We dispatch your order within 24 hours of receipt of order confirmation.


For you every order over 40 eur get shipping for free.


With each order will automatically get a gift as samples and testers.