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- has significant regenerative effects
- helps smooth out imperfections and fine lines
- soothes inflammatory skin symptoms, reduces acne
- brings quick relief from muscle stiffness and pain
- eliminates the feeling of fatigue after an increased physical activity.
- restores the skin's natural brightness, softness and elasticity
- counteracts eczema and psoriasis
Argan oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits of Argania spinosa, which is found exclusively in southwestern of Morocco. All attempts to grow argania in other areas were unsuccessful.
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Aromatic bath salt with apple extracts, cinnamon and almond oil. Your bathroom will be scented with the perfect aroma.
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Regenerating massage gel with cannabidiol and extracts from 19 herbs for a relaxing massage of sore muscles, joints and back.
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Luxurious dry face oil elixir against wrinkles.
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Gift packaging for the care of all hair types, especially the damaged, weakened and falling out ones. Restores incredible volume and amazing shine.
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Welcome on the official e-shop of Czech producer of natural cosmetics Vivaco. We have years of experience in manufacturing of high quality skincare, hair cosmetics, body cosmetics, bath cosmetics, herbal ointments and massage gels. In our cosmetis, we use the beneficial effects of argan oil, extracts of goat milk, snake venom, hyaluronic acid, hemp oil and almond oil. Our products are based on traditional, proven procedures that we enrich of the latest findings of modern science.