100% Eucalyptus Oil HERB EXTRACT

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100% natural eucalyptus essential oil. It helps with respiratory problems, counteracts skin bacteria and infections, relieves rheumatism and destroys airborne germs.

Product Code: 95002
Brand: Herb extrakt
Volume: 15 ml
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100% natural eucalyptus essential oil - one of the most effective oils in the treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases. It also helps with respiratory problems, coughing and strengthens the body in general. It works against skin bacteria, helps wound healing and reduces the symptoms of migraine. In the bath, it stimulates blood circulation of the skin, relieves pain in muscles and joints, and relieves rheumatism. It destroys germs in the air.

Use: Apply a few drops in the aromalamp, directly in the bath or into the massage emulsions.

Caution: Never apply undiluted directly to the skin.

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